Second call, first round of analyses and data sharing

The second call had more than 400 participants!

Given the positive response during the call and multiple groups sharing early GWAS analyses on Slack, we aim to launch a first meta-analysis later this week. The broader analysis plan being developed is available here and we would expect to make available the first meta-analysis summary statistics immediately.

We discuss two approaches in regards to the analytical activities.

  • Centralized analytical activities: focuses on some key phenotypes (seeherefor the first version) that can benefit from maximal sample size. Meta-analysis results will be available as soon as generated on the website.
  • Additional analysis that require specialised approaches or focus on specific patients groups: the COVID19-HGI provides a platform for groups to self-assemble in working groups. The suggestion is to work together, create a slack channel and an analysis plan. Example are the #ardsgwas Slack channel and the initiative by Jean-Laurent Casanova and colleagues looking for Monogenic inborn errors of immunity ( COVID19-HGI will help to sponsor these efforts and connect researchers interested in similar topics

Data sharing. We had presentations from EGA(for non-US data submission) and NHGRI AnVIL(for US-based data submission). We invite studies to deposit individual-level data in these established restricted access repositories for the entire community to make use of. For more information on how that can be done and who will have access to the data, please check the new section on the website here.

Contact button. Check the new partners page, now you can directly contact other researchers. This should facilitate researchers finding substudies that have been launched or other groups with similar interests